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Actual Transparent Window 8.1.1

Actual Transparent Window 8.1.1: A tool letting you quickly set and vary transparency level of any given window. Actual Transparent Window delivers instruments for optimizing work with multiple windows. It allows setting individual level of transparency for any window using the extra button on window`s title bar, hotkey and other methods, both automatic and manual. It also lets you define several transparency rates for different window states (active/inactive/moved/etc.). And there`s the Ghost mode for accessing underlying data through a transparent window.

Performance Window 1.4.3: Display process counters on the corner of each window next to the system buttons
Performance Window 1.4.3

Display process counters on the corner of each window next to the system buttons to able to see the performance easily which process of window use the system. The counters are displayed by your selections what you would like to see. Can be set the color of each performance item and you can easily get the exact value by a hint when your mouse is hovered on the performance icon of each window on your desktop.

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Uimix 2.0: Secures the viewing of sensitive information by mixing it with its background.
Uimix 2.0

window, mixing it with its background. Therefore, the information remains viewable for your eyes only, vital in today`s organizations which often have open working areas. In addition, Uimix allows viewing information in windows normally hidden behind your main work window without switching applications. This is especially useful when working with combined applications, such as data sheets and a calculator, for example. Uimix is designed for Windows

window, area, uimix, secure, securing, hides, viewing, tool, interface, user, wide, utility, mixing

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Print File List Pro 2.0.12

Print File List Pro provides missing functionality for Windows Explorer: the ability to print the file list or directory tree for any window. Easy to install and configure, Print File List Pro allows you to: Print file list of directory Window Print directory tree of any Window Print directory Window or save as HTML Modifiy appearance of output

print file list, print directory listing, print directory windodw, print directory tree

Household Calculator Household Calculator is a general purpose ergonomic calculator
Household Calculator

formulas with unlimited number of operations and operands. For example, you can type in Edit Window such formula ((12.55+10.05+8.45+17.35)/30)*0.7-(13.45+15.76+2.05)*0.33 . Ergonomic design allows easily navigate through controls and enter data using both mouse and keyboard. The Household Calculator has three windows or boxes: Edit Window, Result Window, and History Window. In the Edit Window you enter formulas using buttons and keyboard. When you

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Window Nudger 1.0: Fingertip Positioning for Windows Applications
Window Nudger 1.0

Window Nudger is the perfect tool for the keyboard warrior in all of us! Imagine being able to move, resize, cascade, tile, drag and hide any application window using simple hotkey combinations! Window Nudger even lets you set the distance between cascaded and tiled windows. Window Nudger is the smart choice for anyone who`d rather not fuss with a mouse to perform common Windows tasks! There are some situations where using a mouse just doesn`t work

cascade, move, window, drop, desktop, default, tile, settings, size, save, move to, resize, hide

12Ghosts Robo 9.70: Automate repeated tasks in Windows.  Let this helper respond on your behalf.
12Ghosts Robo 9.70

Windows extension also starts programs, for example 12-WinControl to position a window. Automate repeated tasks in Windows. A piece de resistance of the 12Ghosts collection. - Never again move an Explorer window, for example, where you would like it to be. 12-Robo positions new windows for you. - Never again click a button of a confirmation question. Let 12-Robo respond on your behalf. - Never again look at a window that you don`t want to see. This

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